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We notify you and the delivery Company that your Sofa is ready and, once it has been collected from us, someone will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date.

Delivery of your Sofa very much depends on your locality.
Collection from our factory can also be arranged, if preferred.

Awkward Access

If you are at all unsure as to whether a Sofa or Sofa Bed you order will actually fit into your home, please contact us. We can advise you as much as possible.

Remember, we can deliver any of our items in as many pieces as necessary in order to facilitate access.

Please also see our page about difficult access.

There are no refunds if furniture will not fit.

We can inform customers which day furniture will be delivered but are unable to specify times.

For terms and conditions of delivery, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.


Sofa Smith are pleased to offer a comprehensive guarantee on our products.

Our products carry a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship and/or faulty materials.

Guarantees may not be transferred.

Guarantees do not cover fair wear and tear, neglect, abuse or misuse of your goods, loss or damage (including rusting and corrosion) due to unreasonable exposure to water, heat or weather.

Nor do they include loss or damage due to fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, sunlight, infestation by animals or boring insects, or theft, or accidental damage or loss caused by a third party.

If you need to make a claim, please contact our sales team who will require your sales order number, contact details and the reason for the claim.

We will endeavour to repair the defective goods free of charge.

If a repair is not feasible we will offer a replacement and only if this is not available will you be offered a refund.

These guarantees are only for our goods sold and retained in the UK and used for private and domestic purposes only.